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Training Scheme

Our company has a CIfA approved training programme for those just starting out in the world of commercial archaeology. Our programme employs a hands-on approach to training - and pays above the industry standard. We work to meet a 3-month training period for our new staff and these are regularly appraised as the benchmarks of training are achieved. One of the ways we are able to produce these results is due to our relatively modest size - this ensures the progress of trainees is continually monitored by a consistent supervision team.

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The assigned Supervisor or Officer will help the Trainee to gain the skills and knowledge required to achieve the goals outlined in their training pack, whilst undertaking specific tasks tied to the National Occupational Standards.

National Occupational Standards (NOS) are statements of competence used to design training programmes, define competencies within job descriptions and as a basis for auditing the skills an organisation has and those it needs. JMHS Graduate Training Programme is structured around the following NOS:

• Propose & plan a research project
• Research & analyse information to achieve objectives
• Contribute to non-intrusive investigation
• Contribute to intrusive investigation
• Undertake analysis & interpretation of archaeological data
• Contribute to health & safety in the workplace
• Develop your own resources & protect the interests of others